10th IAS Conference on HIV Science | 21-24 July 2019 | Mexico City, Mexico

The Local Charitable Giving Programme

The Local Charitable Giving Programme financially supports a local project each year in the city that is hosting the International AIDS Conference and the IAS Conference on HIV Science.

For each conference, a request for proposal is published on the conference website to enable interested local organizations or programmes working on the frontlines of the AIDS epidemic to bid. The local office and partner(s) are invited to suggest organizations that could be interesting in bidding.

Delegates have the option to contribute to the programme through the registration process. Delegates can choose an amount to donate by ticking a box on the registration form (US$5, $15, $25 or $50). The funds collected are transferred to the organization or programme after the conference.

For the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017) held in Paris, France, the International AIDS Society (IAS) was proud to support Towards an AIDS-Free Paris (“Vers Paris sans SIDA”).

Vers Paris sans SIDA, a non-for-profit organization, contributes to ending HIV transmission by increasing testing for key populations affected by HIV, developing and increasing PrEP programmes within key populations and HIV prevention campaigns.

The IAS 2017 Local Charitable Giving Programme raised 3.675 USD thanks to the generous contribution of 291 delegates. The IAS then matched the donations dollar for dollar, therefore a total of 7.350 USD was donated to Vers Paris sans SIDA. More information about the IAS 2017 Local Charitable Giving Programme.