10th IAS Conference on HIV Science | 21-24 July 2019 | Mexico City, Mexico

Third-party press conference submissions

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Third-party press conferences submission

Bookings for third-party press conferences are now open.

On-site facilities: There will be one press conference rooms at IAS 2019, with a seating capacity of approximately 48. The room will be equipped with four microphones for seated speakers (space for a maximum of eight speakers). Basic AV equipment will be provided free of charge.

Third-party press conferences will be held in the press conference room and can take place from Monday, 22 July to Wednesday, 24 July. The press conference room is located on the Casas Level of Centro Citibanamex, in Casa Montejo 3 adjacent to the Media Centre.

When not in use by conference organizers, press conference rooms will be available for use by third parties registered for the conference. This refers to all parties other than the conference organizers and includes NGOs, government bodies, international organizations or agencies, foundations and/or industry representatives.

Scheduling request submission

Booking requests for third-party press conferences can now be submitted via the online request form. Although there is no fixed submission deadline for third-party press conference applications, we advise you to submit your application before Sunday, 16 June as last-minute requests may prove difficult to accommodate due to space limitations. Please note that scheduling of third-party press conferences is not guaranteed, but subject to availability. The organizer of each press conference handles all logistics, promotion and IT support.

IAS 2019 cannot guarantee that all those requesting a press conference slot will be granted one. Only press conferences linked to the IAS 2019 programme will be taken into consideration. When possible, they should take place on the same day as the relevant presentation.

Please note that all speakers and support staff must be registered to attend the conference, and that all media outreach is the responsibility of the group hosting the press conference.

To send a booking request, please read the full terms & conditions for the on-site press conference rooms and complete the online booking form here.

Should you have any questions, please contact the IAS 2019 Media team at [email protected]